• cargarciavaro

Women should be able to walk home without fear of going missing.

We are tired of walking in fear.

Why can't women be safe walking alone at night? Why can't women be safe walking back home from a friend's house on a Wednesday night?

No matter what we do, we are never safe. Even when we walk around with the keys in our hands, when we make fake phone calls or when we cross the roads, we are never safe. Now ask us, how many of of us have been followed on the street? How many of us have called someone while walking just in case something happened?

Sarah Everard was just walking home from a friend's house. She did all the 'right things' and she still was not safe. Her mistake? Trusting a police man. We could all be Sarah and this has to stop now.

A new study reveals that 97% of young women in the UK have been sexually harassed and until men work to make sure their friends and other men do no harm women, we are still going to walk around in fear.

Wen revealing these stats, some comments on The Guardian's post were "I believe most of them are over exaggerated" or "Wonder what the statistics are for men or why this question never seems to be asked of men?" And they still ask why most incidents are not reported?

No one believes us so we keep silent. We feel ashamed, broken and disgusting. When we report it the first questions we get ask is what we were wearing, if we were drunk or if we said no, as if these were any valid excuses for men.

It is time to change this.

Start educating your sons, brothers, male friends. Tell them how to behave, how to treat women and how to talk about them.

Stop telling women how to dress, what to do, what not to do and when to walk around their town without fear.

Women should be able to walk home without fear of going missing. Parents should be able to let their daughters go out without fear that they will not return.