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Welcome to Generation Women

We want to welcome you to Generation Women!

Generation Women is a community and a platform for women to share their stories and be heard. We are the new generation and we want to make sure that we’ve got a place to use our voices and be understood.

Our brand is all about women, their stories and what they have to share with the world, from stories about overcoming challenges, to tips to feel more empowered and collaborations with women’s organisations. Generation Women wants to showcase everything, all the amazing and unheard things that have been achieved by women.

When talking about history not many female names come up in the conversation, but the truth is, many of the people who have impacted the way we live today were women and they deserve the recognition. Were would we be without Rosalind Franklin? Without Valerie Thomas? Or without Katherine Johnson? Without them we would not have discovered the DNA, 3D technology and men would not have landed on the moon in the Apollo 11.

The word hero is used very often in society, but the word heroine is usually forgotten, this is why we are giving a voice to all these unsung heroines.

How many little girls would rather be an astronaut than a princess when growing up, or a firefighter instead of a singer? Women are imposed a certain idea of what careers are acceptable or not from a very early age and in this platform we show that it does not have to be like that, women can be and achieve whatever they want.

While their stories might not be as popular or known as others, by sharing them we are celebrating these women’s lives and experiences, and their impact can hopefully be expanded to inspire others.