• cargarciavaro

This summer mind your own business.

Now that the good weather is here and the summer is right around the corner it is important to remember that everyone is going through different stuff and we do not need to point out everything we see.

Everyone's bodies are different and beautiful in their own way, there is no need for anyone to feel bad about themselves. While there is a lot of people that feel confident about their body, there is also a lot of people who do not feel that way and summer is the hardest season for those.

Bathing suits and short dresses are comfortable only for those who like the way they look and that is something we usually forget about. Many people out there would change the way they look, a lot of them do it if they have the chance. However, for those who do not have that problem, let's try to be nice to everyone, tell them you like how they look or how good their hair looks today, you never know what someone might be going through so let's just bit a bit more nicer this summer.

If you see people with scars, body hair, acne, stretch marks or any other thing that they cannot within five minutes then do not bother mentioning it. Do not ask women if they are wearing a hijab or how much weight someone has gained.

If they cannot fix it in 5 minutes do not point it out.

This summer mind your own business!