• cargarciavaro

How to celebrate international women's day from home.

Happy International Women's Day to all the beautiful and amazing women out there!!!

While this year is a little bit different from the last year that does not mean that we cannot celebrate it from the safeness of our home. There are plenty of things that can be done to bring awareness to women's rights and celebrate today to the fullest.

1. Go on social media and post about it!

This first one is an easy one and something that everyone can do. Go on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok... Just post about it and spread the words. Let's celebrate all the great women out there that have inspired us.

2. Spread love and support!

Go support your friends and tell them you love them. Send them flowers and chocolate. You can show them you love them in a million different ways! You do not have to be with them physically to show them you love them and support them on everything they do.

3. Celebrate the women's accomplishments!

It is true it sucks when you do not accomplish everything you wanted to but that does not mean you cannot celebrate your friend's achievements. If your friend got that promotion she wanted just congratulate her, if she got out of a toxic relationship congratulate her as well. Everyone's achievements look different but that does not mean they are less important.

4. Support women's small businesses!

In a time like these small businesses need our support more than ever and today is no different. If you have been waiting for the perfect occasion to get that top or dress you saw on Instagram this is the perfect time to do so. Go support their work and effort.

5. Join a virtual women's march!

Just because we cannot have large gatherings or events it does not mean we can not make a lot of noice online. There will be a lot of virtual marches for everyone to join and meet new people. This is a great way to show your support without having leave your house!!

In the end, it does not matter what you do to celebrate this day, the important thing is to appreciate all the great women in our lives and have been supporting us through everything.