• cargarciavaro

Any job is a woman's job.

As stated by the UN, "social and cultural norms continually reinforce perceptions that men make better leaders than women."

With the beginning of the Commission on the Status of Women, the largest annual gathering of gender equality champions, happening this week, there will be multiple topics discussed. From examining the process and gaps to setting a roadmap towards achieving full equality in public life.

Specially this year, it is important to talk and act on these problems that women go through every day. Did you know that with the schools closing the number of child marriages this decade can be expected to increase? Or that 59 per cent of women reported having to spend even more time on unpaid domestic work since the pandemic?

We have to remember that it takes more than one person to fix a problem.

Many women are still being told every day that they can not pursue their dream and ambitions based on their gender. While we all live in a bubble believing everything is changing, there is still a lot to do before we achieve complete gender equality in this world.

But for now, here is a little message to all the women out there:

Any job is a woman's job.

There is nothing you cannot achieve.

Do not let met tell you what you can and cannot do with your life.

When women take leadership they show to young girls and prove to men that we too belong in positions of power.

The future is brighter and better with women at tables where decisions are being made.